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Crop Research:


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LIVE for Plants 2019, Tucson, AZ
LIVE for Plants 2019, Tucson, AZ
Standing up for Science!
Strawberry DNA!
Representing Sorghum @ ArkLaTex ICC
Plant Hydraulics
Plant Cell Fun!
I'm on TV :)
So excited for #PlantBiology2015!
Ma6 Identified!
LIVE for Plants 2019, Tucson, AZ
ASPB 2014
Our work in PNAS!!
The Children

 Sorghum bicolor is an agriculturally and economically important cereal crop that has recently generated interest as a biofuels feedstock. 


Come meet our team and see what we're doing to help meet growing energy needs!


As a small, liberal arts institution, we place special emphasis on not only teaching excellent science, but also in helping our students see outside connections and learn to engage and communicate with the public in innovative ways.


Take a look at some of the cool things our Biology Students are doing now!


Our research goals include the improvement of agriculturally important crop species using QTL mapping, gene expression, high-throughput sequencing, transcriptomics, and computational approaches. While we focus on sorghum, students have explored various species including tomato, medicago, maize, and grape!

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